What Is Holding Me Back From Enjoying My Life Fully?

What Is Holding Me Back From Enjoying My Life Fully?
  • Interview with: Gabi

What will happen when I join the Tourist Program?

For me the Tourist Program is like time travel. It is a therapeutic process where we use your life story to find out where you lost the quality of being happy.

You will take the space to have a close look at who you are, always with the focus on what is happening in the moment. From this place you will discover how you want to create your future.

You will detect tensions which you have carried with you all your life, and we’ll teach you how to let them go. You will make room to find out what you like, what you don't like and how to relax more.

I call it an adventure holiday into your inner world, together with others. You will discover new hidden and beautiful sides of yourself, experience relief, loving support and healing friendships.

The intensity of the experience is decided by you, according to which workshops take place during the time you choose to spend with us. You will work on yourself in a small group of Tourists during the week, and together dive into the intensity of a Humaniversity workshop on the weekends.

For more information about specific techniques you can read more here.

How will my life change afterwards?

When I reconnect with people who did the Tourist Program, they mostly say, "My life changed for the better."

Even though not all their problems disappeared, they feel more empowered to find solutions, they are more kind to themselves and others, and have more lightness in their lives.

When I went through the process myself I saw my potential to heal wounds from the past and expand my qualities. I became more able to express and create what i need and what makes me happy.

The Tourist Program is the perfect base to understand that you do have the strength to live a healthy and fulfilling life on all levels. Having bonded with people who are also searching, you will have made friends from all over the world.

You may find that you enjoy more what you do in your life. And you will have more resources to make wiser decisions to move towards what you really want.

Over the 14 days I see people moving beyond old, irrational fears, learning to forgive and increasing their ability to love.

Why would I choose this program in particular?

Maybe you are asking yourself the question, "What can I change? What is holding me back from enjoying my life fully and what can i do about it?"

I like to use this quote from Veeresh, "The Tourist Program is an intensive self-awareness process where you will learn to look at issues in your life not as problems, but as facts that you can improve."

Some of the 'facts' you have can cause tremendous stress in your system. What can change is the way you look at them, with some distance, like a real tourist. You can become less identified through sharing and exposing them. By doing this, you will also become more connected rather than isolated. Blaming circumstances takes energy, but being with others and learning to become responsive and open to life gives you your energy back.

If you want to clean out your old feelings and get a booster to restart your life in a new way, the Tourist Program is the most exciting thing you can give to yourself. I look forward to meeting you here in our home at the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee.

What does it mean for you to guide the Tourist Program?

It means a lot that people trust me to guide them through this process. Accepting my past helps me today to feel with others. Basically, I give people the love I need, with an awareness of who they are as individuals. In the morning when I wake up I usually have one or two of the Tourists on my mind. I look at what they need, and then I use it for the whole group to explore their issues and to become more compassionate with one another. It benefits the entire group. This nourishes and fulfills me, and gives me meaning in life.

Jivan Gabi