The AUM Marathon

  • By: Yogini

The AUM Marathon is a unique group experience. It is exciting, fun, deep, and often unexpected. Its focus is on emotional flexibility and self-mastery. A staff of talented and experienced therapists and trainees will guide you for 5 days and nights.

I am very happy that Geetee and I have the honor to lead this workshop in the spirit of Veeresh and Osho.

The AUM Marathon is one of the Humaniversity Intensives and used to be led by Veeresh.

His internationally famous AUM meditation is a condensed version of this group.

To have an idea of the intensity and activity of the popular Humaniversity AUM Meditation please look here:

My Personal Experience

I did my first AUM marathon in 1990. It was my second group at the Humaniversity.

During the marathon we did the AUM Meditation in different variations. Sometimes it was longer, sometimes it was shorter, and the order of the stages could be all mixed up. Once we even did it backwards. I experienced who I was beyond the limitations of my mind and my personality. I felt very alive.

It was very important to feel the support and care of everybody. This helped me to go beyond my limits. It was really beautiful to feel oneness and unity at the most unexpected moments even in the "negative feelings" stages.

In the AUM I really experienced what it means to live in the moment and be totally here and now. I love marathons and cannot wait to co-lead the next one with Geetee on October 20-26.

A deeper look:

One time in the first stage I felt a oneness with the person who I was expressing negativity with. Other times it happened that in the warm up dancing suddenly the energy changed, and I felt unity, and bliss and the whole room vibrated.

Beach walks were also very special and magic in this space.

In between, I also felt devastated and thought it was an impossible challenge to go out of my comfort zone. But then there was always someone to pick me up and give me a hug. With that support I could always continue.

In our discotheque the Boozeria, we dressed up outrageously and created theatre performances. For me it was a big challenge to go on stage, but I was so excited and proud afterwards that I could do this.

The AUM Marathon can help you if:

You want to work on specific topic: for example: resentments towards your family or family members or anybody else, a broken heart, loneliness, a general life crisis, or feeling depressed or stressed.

Or if:

You want a general boost of your energy level

You want to detox your body and mind.

You want more fun and excitement in your life.

You want to make friends with people from all over the world and all walks of life.

You want to learn about emotions.

You want to learn about relating and relationships.

You want to learn about emotional flexibility.

You want to create a new positive vision for your job, family, relationship, friendships or any other area of your life.

For more information please telephone or email us, or check out our website:

Veeresh’s introduction to the AUM meditation in November 1988:

“When a child learns to say no, the ego is born. Saying No is a very powerful statement. It has to do with everything pain, anger, abuse.

“Here you are allowed to feel it, and you can have the freedom to say it to everyone in this group without the fear that you are going to explode, and go nuts, or that someone is going to punch you in the mouth. You have the right to say “I hate you” to the world. You can say “I love you” You’ve got to say “ I hate you” too. If you can’t say that your love is weak. Take that position: “I hate you” and it does not matter why; it’s a turn on.

“When you get into it and you really feel your power it is great. (…) It is a very alive exercise. (…)

“And then, in time, we say: ‘Stop! Now go into “I love you.” The same energy turns into love.

“You guys think that it is all separate, love is over here and hate is over there. It’s all one energy, and your mind tells you what that energy is: love, hate, anger. And you have the power to direct it with your attitude, and your knowledge, and your awareness.”


Since then Veeresh continued to refine the AUM meditation. But the basic principle is still the same. And today the Aum is done all over the world by thousands of people.