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Building Bridges

Interview with: Veeresh | Interview about: humaniversity therapy, what we do
Social interaction is the basis of Humaniversity Therapy - using the other person like a mirror. If you look at the AUM meditation, it's interpersonal communication all the time. Then you can say, "Oh, I understand who I am inside."

Community means Common Unity

Interview for Osho Times on Communes

Interview with: Veeresh | Interview about: community, humaniversity therapy

I think what makes the Humaniversity very exciting is that there's always some change going on. We are involved with each other. We are connected, honest, sharing, loving, and friends...that's the main thing.

Crisis as a Stepping Stone

Interview for the German Osho Times

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Chandrika | Interview about: humaniversity therapy
If the word, Wow! is a positive affirmation, or yes! for life, a crisis can be defined as a big Boo! - a no! in life. In this interview Veeresh shares from his many deep and touching life experiences.

From Teenage Junkie to President

Interview with: Veeresh | Interview about: AUM, humaniversity therapy, sexuality, what we do

Veeresh was a teenage drug-addict in New York. After his rehabilitation in the first ever Phoenix House program, he started Phoenix House in England and is now the founder and president of the Osho Humaniversity in Holland.

Ready for Change

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Navajata & Sanman | Interview about: change, encounter, humaniversity therapy
"Yes, you are perfect just the way you are. But if you want to develop and reach your full potential, which is your responsibility in this life, you have to do some things to change your life, to improve yourself, to be more aware, to learn more."