Love Is Always the Answer

  • Interview with: Premdip
  • By: Geetee

Dear Premdip, you are the President of the Osho Humaniversity now. You are responsible for Veeresh’s legacy to continue and that we keep living Osho’s Dream. How is it for you to be the leader of this community?

I want to make sure that all Veeresh has created is going to carry on forever. For me, this is a tremendous gift and honor that he has bestowed upon me. I feel a big responsibility and I regard it a very important task. I am doing my best to do it well and at the same time not to be too serious. Humor needs to be part of being responsible. Being a leader means I have to be ready to change. Now I have an even greater motivation to evolve. Whatever my short comings and my issues are, they will influence everybody around me and I don’t like that. This creates an urgency to be the best of me.

What does it take for a community to be vibrant, loving and successful?

Our criteria are love, awareness and responsibility, which we apply in our way of being together. They need to be appropriate to the people who are living here. If you teach therapy, you have to keep doing therapy for yourself in order to grow and become a better person. If you teach meditation, you need to keep meditating, if you teach bodywork, you need to keep moving the body. If you teach sexuality you need to make sure that sexuality is being respectful. You need to have alive, ongoing changes that fit the people who live in the community.

We are working on all those levels in the best way we can together. Veeresh was so creative all the time to come up with new actions, new, new, new… constant changes.

I do my best to figure out what is the next new move for everybody to be as happy as possible, doing the best job we can together. I am delighted to have Veeresh as my master and role model and him having Osho as his master and role model. Both of them are my inspiration and I try to make sure that we apply the qualities that both of them have shown us.

And you as the leader have to be the role model in everything you said (Premdip laughing). That’s the big responsibility that you have mentioned before…

(Still laughing) Ideally, ideally….yes, that’s the idea. It is my ethic to live by.

What is special about the Humaniversity family?

We learn to accept that we are all different and we look at what we have in common instead of what we do not. This is one of our strengths. We also do this with every person that comes to us. We include instead of excluding. We create the highest quality of life possible. We look for the beauty of every single person and support them to enhance it, so that the person can become their best. We help people discover that they are lovable. We are a ‘School for Masters’, we teach everybody to become their own master. In order to become a master of yourself, you need help to look. You need people to show you the way. And to provide this support, we need to keep applying what we teach to ourselves.

Thank you for being who you are and taking care of all of us the way you do. Would you like to add anything?

I love that we are a commune and take care of each other and our families and friends the best way we know. Everybody who comes here learns this art. Then they can go back to their own family and friends and apply the qualities and ethics that they have practiced with us. I think we are an important commune. We bring a lot of light to the planet. We are living together in the most loving way possible and I wish more people get turned on to this way. We are lucky to have had Veeresh. You need someone really powerful to start a commune with such a vision and maintain it. This art Veeresh has been teaching me for 35 years and many staff members for almost as many years. Together we have centuries of experience that we apply for the good in this world. This is how we fulfill the Humaniversity’s mission statement ‘Working with People to Create a Better World.’ Veeresh has built this place for everybody, who wants to study the art of being human and make this their home.

Thank you Veeresh.