Free Yourself into Love

  • By: Isha

IshaWhat is the AUM Marathon?

The AUM Marathon is a real gem!

This group is a trademark and essence of Veeresh's amazing experience in working with people. Today this workshop is lead by Geetee and me.

Over many years Veeresh trained us lovingly and intensely to give our very best.

This 6-day process is like a rocket that will make you fly to the sky with your feet firmly rooted to the ground. In a short time you'll find yourself transformed.

It is sometimes challenging because it takes you out of your comfort zone, beyond the limits you believe you have. This enables you to experience your full human potential and your loving heart. And along the way you make friends with many people who are travelling with you on this journey.

The totality and care we put into it is something you do not find anywhere else. We go through the whole process with you, all the way to make sure you are safe and you get it!

'AUM' Marathon stands for 'Awareness - Understanding - Meditation' Marathon. Osho personally gave the AUM Marathon to Veeresh as a group. Veeresh developed it over many years into a deeply transformational, highly energetic and heart-connecting process. To make it more available for everybody, he also created a condensed 2.5 hour version, called the Humaniversity AUM Meditation. Currently this meditation is led all over the world.

What am I going to experience?

The AUM Marathon is an intense exploration and expression of all human emotions and everything we carry inside. The famous 'marathon space' provides an opening for you to realize that you have so much more energy available than what you are used to. You may for example stay awake for a whole night with exciting and connecting activities, and what will happen is that your mind relaxes, your heart opens and your potential is being stimulated and liberated as a result. The paradox is that you will actually wake up and become more authentic and present.

Knowing the peaks and the depths of our emotional world is important, so that we can find a natural balance in the way we are as human beings. This serves us in dealing with stressful situations, responding to our relationships and finally creating a life in which we can feel deeply fulfilled.

Geetee and I will provide a safe environment, in which you can fully explore, love and learn to accept and enjoy yourself. You will come out of the AUM Marathon feeling more centered, grounded and clear-minded, open-hearted and excited to live life to the fullest.

My motivation and personal experience

As I was growing up I was asking myself: "Is this really it"?!!

I realized that I had no sense of who I was. I had a lot of ideas, concepts and passed-on beliefs from my parents, friends and teachers. But I did not have a real connection with the space inside of me. There was nothing but an image of myself, and everything I did was to serve this image to fit in and feel okay somehow.

I had a longing to develop and discover my own uniqueness, my power and my capacity to love with all I have.

Experiencing myself in the AUM Marathon opened up a space of "more" inside of me. This inspired me to live my life to the fullest and to decide to be happy.

When I did the AUM Marathon for the first time 25 years ago, I saw what my limits were and learned to keep on moving anyway and to inquire what was going on with me. I felt heavy, lost and unhappy because I was holding on to a lot of negativity towards myself and others.

The experience of practicing to express my anger for example helped me to let go of frustrations and fears that I've been carrying. I learned to accept my wounds from the past and heal them through forgiving the people involved.

It was important for me to realize that anger is a healthy emotion when expressed in a responsible and respectful way.

Finally, I discovered that if I cannot express my anger totally, I can also not open my heart and express my love fully either. When I let go of negative emotions and feelings I free up space inside of me from which my passionate self comes out. I get in touch with how much power and energy to love I have inside.

I needed the ongoing love and support of Veeresh and his staff to look into places of myself that I would not have had the courage to look into on my own.

Because I practiced so much emotional awareness and flexibility over the years, I do not need to stay stuck in any emotion anymore. I am able to choose to let go and move on. In this way I flow with life and grow instead of being overwhelmed all the time, trying to protect or defend myself as I have been doing in the past.

I am eternally grateful to Veeresh because today I relate to people and the world with my own unique love and presence. This gives me a lot of joy.

I am committed to continue learning and developing. In the way I felt inspired by Veeresh to live and share all of me, I want to inspire people to discover what is possible.

By Isha, 
Director of the Community