Coming Together

Coming Together
  • By: Sambodhi

Come and enjoy the “Coming Together” workshop with us this Christmas and New Year!

The wonderful time of Christmas and New Year is coming again to the Humaniversity. A year has passed so fast that I can hardly believe it! The streets are full of lights, and the shops are calling. Last night I even had a dream that I’m buying presents. I’m really excited. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very special, warm and cozy time for all of us.

Dharmaraj and I are preparing a gorgeous and wide-ranging workshop, in which you can complete 2017 and be ready and motivated to welcome the birth of 2018.

There will be an amazing Vision Process where you will have space for healing the past, creating the new, appreciating who you are, making lots of new friends and enriching your relationships. We will support you in finding out what is meaningful for you and how to achieve it. We will go into different areas of life that are important to you, such as relating, intimacy, well-being, creativity and being in an overall state of joy. And a big part of the process will involve your own creativity in realizing who you want to be, and recognizing you have all the tools to make that a reality.

In between there will be plenty of time for parties and celebrations. Starting with the Winter Solstice, a 12 hour Dance Marathon with the DJ’s Geetee and Ketu, followed by the stylish 5-course Gourmet “Diner Dansant,” cooked by Jayesh and Sangita. It is all very spectacular – up to the smallest detail: you just have to see the decorations Preetha made. And of course our fantastic New Year‘s Dance Party will be part of it all!

Next to the workshop, we will have the Tan-Ju’s, our unique teenagers’ school, guided by Chandrika, and the Parents and Kids Camp with Mariangela.

I almost forgot… Something wonderfully challenging and exciting is going to happen on January 1st. If you want to know what that is, you have to watch the video until the very end!

We are looking forward to meeting and celebrating together with you at this very special time.

With love,
Sambodhi & Dharmaraj