Festive Season at the Humaniversity

Festive Season at the Humaniversity
  • By: Sambodhi & Dharmaraj

Hi Dharmaraj, the Coming Together workshop is happening soon!  What does this mean for you?

It’s a special time of year, when you look back and appreciate your life, let go of things you no longer need and make some juicy plans for the coming year. I like to look at how I can improve my quality -of -life experience. So, for me Coming Together is about feeling happy and getting the best out of life and I want everyone who comes to this workshop to feel that.

Can you tell us something about you yourself?

I am Australian (don’t tell anyone). Where I come from everything this time of year is warm and sunny - even Santa Claus goes to the beach! I have been living at Humaniversity for over 20 years. Here we create sunshine on the inside. I still like to enjoy the traditions of cozy company, good times and traditional foods and celebration. I would like everyone to feel at home and among friends.

Coming Together runs from 22 December to 1st January:  what’s going to happen and why should people come to Egmond?

We will celebrate life in all its forms. It has ups and downs – good feelings and some not so good. We are going to dance and sing but also - just like the song says – ‘we are going to scream and shout and let it all out!’ We are going to be moving, heartful and real. We will meet, share, laugh, cry, let-go and get inspired.

How are you going to do that?!

We have a plan. We start with an all-day dance party, welcome the solstice and bring together people from all over the world. We make sure you feel at home with us in our community, create an international Christmas, share our hopes,

dreams and feelings, express and let go some old emotional baggage. We hang out at parties, enjoy great food, dance in our disco, do more emotional release  and then get into a vision quest for the new year ahead. We celebrate New Year with our New Year’s party - usually there’s lots of fireworks! Cold outside but warm inside!

And you Sambodhi, what does Coming Together mean for you?

I am very honored to lead this workshop with you Dharmaraj. Veeresh worked in such an exciting way. There was always an element of the unexpected in his groups. This group is special for me because we also work in a way that we give a space to things we haven’t planned. I look forward to this unexpected element. To be flexible enough to be able to respond to the surprises in the moment, makes my life exciting and keeps me in the flow.

Tell us something personal about you ….

I grew up in Israel and I never dreamed I would be living in Holland. If someone would have told me that I was going to enjoy being out in nature in zero or minus degrees and even swim in winter in the north sea I would have laughed.

I celebrated Christmas here for the first time 18 years ago and I loved it straight away. I find it magic, the atmosphere, the lights and the warm hearted feeling being together with our big Humaniversity family.

What are some things you personally want to do in this workshop?

I love to work with emotions because it connects us with who we are. I like to have profound sharings about things that really matter to us, like our life purpose, and how that looks like. I want us to all support each other to find out what makes us happy and how we can create it.

When participants go home, what do you want them to take with them?

I choose to live in a community that is based on love and meditation for a reason. When people come here and stay with us they get a taste of what it means to live with friends. It’s fun and warm on one side and it can also be challenging at times. For example: when someone irritates you - you can try and avoid that person or you can work things out. With the years of experience that we have in living together and relating, I am sure that we can inspire you that taking responsibility for your own happiness can be fun. You grow, open your heart and see life as an ongoing present.

I would love to see the people in our workshop taking home the feeling that they have the power to create the life they dream of. I want them to feel loved and that they have created meaningful friendships in a short time. I like them to take home the spirit of Veeresh, Osho and the Humaniversity. I want them to appreciate that love is always the answer and that they can choose love in any given situation.