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Burn-out is a big issue that had a lot of research in the past years. It gets more clear that in order to understand the burn-out-syndrome, the whole person has to be looked at and that the burnt-out person needs support on many levels

Here read the story of Jinendra, how he managed to turn a crisis into a situation that improves his whole life quality for the better.

Come and Learn Tapping!

Tapping helps release pain and stress in a short time, often within minutes. It's beneficial for post-traumatic stress, addictions and compulsions, and phobias, fears and anxieties.


People suffering from depression have probably been faced with difficulties that are still unsolved because they've never learned to deal with emotional conflict. Recovery from depression involves three steps...

Electromagnetic Field Disturbance

The topic EMFD = Electromagnetic field disturbance is receiving more and more attention due to the increasing use of mobile phones, blackberries, Bluetooth, microwave radiation and Wi-fi. There seems to be a whole invisible world out there, and of course the idea "Only what I see exists" is outdated.
Emotional Expression Improves the Blood

Emotional Expression Improves the Blood

I am very proud to present the first study published in a medical journal, documenting positive effect of emotional expression on blood coagulation, tested with dark field microscope.

Healing is a multidimensional dive into your being

Interview with: Sangitama | By: Geetee | For: German Osho Times

Hot Red Onion Soup

According to Shyam, all vegetables have healing powers and can be used as home remedies. Red onions are particularly powerful, as they contain large amounts of vitamins A and E, good for combating colds, coughs and other problems of the respiratory system.

My Life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This is a special feature on obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Nalini, who completed her one year program (Humaniversity Addiction Program Intensive) describes her healing process.


It's summer. The sun is shining. It is hot in the car, and you take a plastic bottle of water with you. You know that drinking water is especially important in summer, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to be good to your body. But...


So many people are still smoking cigarettes although it gets more and more restricted publicly. This must bring up the wish for quite some smokers to quit, but the fear not to manage to resist the craving might be even bigger.

The Message Is, "Eat Grapes!"

Each season brings its special gifts from nature, and grapes are the gift of September. Shyam Singha, my first teacher in natural healing, told me that during World War II scientists had observed that wounds of war prisoners in France, who only had grapes to eat, healed much faster than others.