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Sakino Mathilde Sternberg


Sakino is a highly experienced psychotherapist specialised in systemic and trauma therapy. She is the founder and director of the 'Joy of Living Institute' in Berlin. She works with Family Constellations and Trauma Healing. She published the book: "How to move an elephant – away from trauma, into life".




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Upcoming Workshops with Sakino

Family Constellation Training

Family Constellation Training

With Sakino, Date 12 - 17 Jan 2018

This ongoing training enables you to use constellation and systemic tools in coaching and counselling for individual sessions and groups. For more details see our website.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations

With Sakino, Date 12 - 14 Jan 2018

Family Constellations is a gentle yet powerful technique that exposes and heals patterns derived from your family of origin.