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Conditions of Use and Interaction

Privacy on our Website

Humaniversity is committed to protecting your privacy. We only collect information for processing reservations and sending email newsletters and announcements. We have physical, electronic and managerial processes to safeguard your online information. To see how we protect your privacy please read our Privacy Policy.​

Privacy at Humaniversity

Humaniversity is committed to protecting your confidentiality. When you book a program at Humaniversity, you may need to discuss private and confidential matters. We protect your need for privacy and confidentiality.​


We welcome feedback
The Humaniversity welcomes feedback on how we can improve our communication and service to our participants to ensure that the service provided is valued and relevant at all times. Telling us when you are unhappy is important as it means we have an opportunity to put things right.

If you have a concern about one of our policies, we won't necessarily be able to change things, but we will record why you are unhappy to help us improve for the future.

If you have a complaint
We will do what we can to address your concerns quickly and with courtesy. In the event that your complaint requires a detailed evaluation it will be referred to a Complaints Committee. In any event, we aim to resolve all complaints within 30 days. For more information, please read our Complaints Procedure.

In all communications, please provide your full name, address and any other contact details so that we may continue to contact you about your complaint.​