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  • Date: 27 - 29 Apr 2018
  • With: Isha & Yasha
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Go For It!

    The Power to Create your Life

  • Date: 04 - 06 May 2018
  • With: Sambodhi
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Humaniversity Flushing

    Humaniversity Flushing

  • Date: 11 - 13 May 2018
  • With: Jayesh
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Flushing is a powerful process of emotional release and awareness. It takes you on an exciting journey into your loving self. Through intense expression and deep connection you will come out empowered, feeling lighter, joyful and able to make positive changes in your life. 

    From Depression to Joy

  • Date: 29 Jun - 01 Jul 2018
  • With: Yogini
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Depression is just a hesitation to express who you really are. So take a look inside yourself and discover your hidden treasures. Shake off the dust of your old belief systems and take a position by saying yes to your life.

    Understanding Anger

  • Date: 24 - 26 Aug 2018
  • With: Prem Jan & Sangita
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Anger is the basic human reaction to protect yourself from pain. It‘s helpful and healthy so long as you don‘t get stuck in it. Recognize and embrace your anger and learn to express it in a responsible way. Start saying “no” to that which is not helpful and “yes” to clarity and emotional well-being.


  • Date: 11 - 14 Oct 2018
  • With: Chandrika
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • While we were growing up, our parents’ behavior defined the world for us. Sometimes it can be difficult to break out of the patterns that we learned long ago. In this workshop Chandrika will guide you to free old emotions so that you can find your innocence again. Let go of negativity and learn to forgive your parents and yourself, so that you can live your life with gratitude.

    From Fear to Excitement

  • Date: 16 - 18 Nov 2018
  • With: Rajan
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Become aware of your fear patterns and learn how to turn them into excitement. Gain more contact with what truly makes you alive, passionate and happy. Change your everyday life so it becomes an adventure.

    Humaniversity Flushing Intensive (3-days)

  • Date: 22 - 25 Nov 2018
  • With: Geetee
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Flushing is a powerful process of emotional release and awareness. On the journey to the core of your being we will include a 24-hour marathon. Through intense expression and deep connection, you will become grounded, happy, open, radiant and able to move towards the life you choose.

    Humaniversity Flushing Leader Training Day

    Humaniversity Flushing Leader Training Day

  • Date: 26 Nov 2018
  • With: Geetee
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • This Flushing Leader training Day is for advanced Therapist Trainees or those who work with people professionally.

    Self Esteem

  • Date: 30 Nov - 02 Dec 2018
  • With: Aranyo & Shanti
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • Through pain and humiliation, we begin to doubt the natural trust we have in ourselves. Using communication, emotional release, theater and clownery, we will guide you to re-establish a deep sense of self-acceptance.

    Peace - Give What You Need

  • Date: 07 - 09 Dec 2018
  • With: Jayesh
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • It is natural to project your inner struggles on the world around you. Through expression and self-inquiry, experience that the source of your feelings is inside you. This will give you the freedom to create peace in your relationship with yourself and others.

    The Odyssey of Zorba the Buddha

  • Date: 13 - 17 Dec 2018
  • With: Geetee
  • Theme: Emotional Work
  • The Odyssey is a journey towards love. On our way towards personal fulfillment we must first learn the art of expressing and letting go of resentments. Then we can start forgiving ourselves and the world. This opens your heart, and when you have the courage to relate from this space, feelings of love, gratitude and bliss arise naturally.