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Wellness Week - Kidney Cleanse

Wellness Week - Kidney Cleanse
Starting: Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Time: 09:00
Ending: Tuesday, 19 September 2017
Time: 21:00
With: Sangitama
Price: 1,590.00
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    About Wellness Week - Kidney Cleanse

    "When the Kidney energy is strong, the body is in good spirits and intelligence increases."

    In oriental healing the kidneys and their energetic pathways, the meridians, are seen as the "strengthening officer", influencing bones, marrow, brain and posture. They control the reserve energy, and give stamina. The kidney has the special function of governing the energy reserves which allow us to adapt to stress in all life situations. With healthy kidneys you ensure general vitality, and prevent exhaustion and burn-out.

    The Kidney Cleanse Wellness Week

    Main goal of this week is to dissolve kidney - and gallbladder stones/ crystals/ grease.
    Considering our stressful life-style and habits of eating foods that are often acid-forming and contain chemicals for coloration and preservation, everybody develops stones of some sort. Mostly they are too small to be detected or to cause pain, but they impair the function of the kidneys and gallbladder. Think of your water tub! When you don't remove the calcium every now and then, it has debris around it, which is hard and inflexible. In the kidneys and gallbladder that grease grows bigger and bigger, until finally crystals and stones block the capillaries and eventually create pain.

    How to clean your kidneys and gallbladder?
    For 3 weeks avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, meat and animal products, and drink a lot of water. Additionally take herbal tinctures and teas to dissolve the stones in kidney and gallbladder. The kidney cleanse week will be the start-off and give you the confidence and know-how to continue for the next two weeks at home.

    Who should do a kidney cleanse week?
    Regular kidney cleanse is good for everybody.

    What effect can I expect from such a cleanse?
    Uric acid stones, oxalic acid stones, phosphate stones and amino acid stones are dissolved. It helps the body to regulate its own functions and may create positive effects such as feeling revitalized, balance of blood sugar, reduction of cholesterol, improvement of skin conditions, removal of excess of uric acid (gout), relief of joint pain, expelling intestinal parasites and lowering high blood pressure.

    Emotional connections
    The kidneys give us trust, vitality and will power. When our kidney energy is balanced we can relate to others with trust and openness. When it is depleted, we feel our lives overruled by fear, apprehension and distrust. Exploration of the emotional blocks connected to the kidneys are part of this kidney cleanse week. You will learn tapping, a method where we use acupressure points to reduce subconscious stress, and kinesiology to explore causes and conflicts connected to energetic blocks of the kidneys. Further we will use emotional work to let go of repressed tensions, and meditation to increase our awareness and ability to relax and trust in ourselves.