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AUM Marathon

AUM Marathon

A six-day rollercoaster through your being

The AUM Marathon is a six-day workshop led by Geetee and the Humaniversity Staff. It is designed to take you on an action-packed journey into all corners of your being.

Featuring an extended time format, the AUM Marathon is a group with less sleep than you are used to in your normal life. With less sleep your mind relaxes and new spaces of awareness and feelings can appear. Often you will feel soft and open, maybe even giggle for no reason at all! In this space, it is easier to melt with people, letting love work its magic.

The concept of AUM as Awareness, Understanding and Meditation was given to Veeresh by Osho in 1976. Veeresh has been developing and refining the AUM structure for almost half his life. In this workshop you can always expect the unexpected.

Take the step to go beyond your assumed limitations to experience your peaceful center, your inner home. Learn to know and share your emotions in a safe environment. The AUM Marathon will leave you feeling more loving, open and content.

Anybody doing the AUM Marathon will feel a completion which is not felt in other groups… No group is complete unless the positive and negative exist together and are joined together. No man is complete unless he has been to hell and heaven both. -Osho

Intense Session

During this workshop you will experience
  • Meditation
  • Encounter
  • Emotional release
  • Dance
  • Bodywork
  • Questions & Answers
  • Relationship exercises
  • Sharing and feedback
  • Hugging

Come and learn from a master in the field of personal growth and find your own mastery of life!

The AUM Marathon takes place each year during Easter and every other year in the fall.

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  • Aum Marathon

    Aum Marathon

    With Geetee & Isha, Date 29 Mar - 04 Apr 2018

    The Aum Marathon is one of the most exciting and intense workshops that we offer. Geetee and Isha will take you on an emotional roller coaster of experiences, insights and delights.

    They will turn you on to keep moving until you ‘see the light.‘ The goal is to change your life and learn to become an emotionally healthy and loving human being. If you do one workshop in your life, this should be it!