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Burn-out is a big issue that had a lot of research in the past years. It gets more clear that in order to understand the burn-out-syndrome, the whole person has to be looked at and that the burnt-out person needs support on many levels

Here read the story of Jinendra, how he managed to turn a crisis into a situation that improves his whole life quality for the better.

Emotional Expression Improves the Blood

Emotional Expression Improves the Blood

I am very proud to present the first study published in a medical journal, documenting positive effect of emotional expression on blood coagulation, tested with dark field microscope.

Gratitude is a Quality of the Heart

Gratitude is a Quality of the Heart

Interview with: Veeresh | By: Geetanand | For: Osho Times Germany

I choose to come from a position of love and create relationships the way I would like to be treated. If the other doesn't respond, I don't get caught up with trying to get them to accept my love. My need is to love.

For me the Osho Humaniversity is an extension of Osho's dream, an opportunity to be myself, to share who I am and express my love. 

Veeresh in Japan

September - October 2010

Veeresh is embarking on his third visit to Japan. His vision is to expand his work in Asia, reach as many people as possible, and and to support them in their growth and development. His destinations are Tokyo and Kobe, and you can see the schedule of events here.