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Articles by the Humaniversity Staff

Free Yourself into Love

Free Yourself into Love

By Isha | 04 March 2017

What is the AUM Marathon?

The AUM Marathon is a real gem!

This group is a trademark and essence of Veeresh's amazing experience in working with people. Today this workshop is lead by Geetee and me.

This 6-day process is like a rocket that will make you fly to the sky with your feet firmly rooted to the ground. In a short time you'll find yourself transformed.

When I did the AUM Marathon for the first time 25 years ago, I saw what my limits were and learned to keep on moving anyway and to inquire what was going on with me. I felt heavy, lost and unhappy because I was holding on to a lot of negativity towards myself and others.

Experiencing myself in the AUM Marathon opened up a space of "more" inside of me. This inspired me to live my life to the fullest and to decide to be happy.

Healing is a multidimensional dive into your being

Interview with: Sangitama | By: Geetee | For: German Osho Times
Sensitive Deep Bodywork

Sensitive Deep Bodywork

Interview with: Satyarthi | By: Sambodhi | Interview about: bodywork
Trust Yourself, Then You Can Trust Life

Trust Yourself, Then You Can Trust Life

Interview with: Geetee | By: Jayesh | For: Osho German Times

Veeresh showed me that my intentions are good. I am a loving man and I see the same in you. My behavior is not always appropriate and sometimes I make mistakes, but who I am as a human being is good. When you operate from that position you learn to trust yourself. The more you trust yourself especially in difficult situations, the more you will appreciate the opportunity to make mistakes because then you can learn more and grow.